A, B, C Daily Write #1

This short story is brought upon by a chart where a person, personality and situation is randomly selected and put together to form some sort of plot.
Here we go!

“Open up the vault, find us anything you can. RIGHT NOW!” one of the masked men shouted at the bank teller, his intimidating voice reverberating through the large room. Just seconds ago, this man, along with five of his (also masked) associates rushed through the needlessly massive bank doors, armed with heavy-looking assault rifles along with other dangerous weaponry and demanded everyone to drop on the floor with their hands held behind their heads. Gordon Ramsey, famous TV chef and host of the popular show “Hell’s Kitchen”, was among the frightened customers who had found themselves in the middle of the situation, frightfully clutching at their hair as they laid on the floor. “What a bother.” the famous TV chef thought as one of the masked men with a particularly deadly looking weapon jogged past in the direction of the bank teller and the man who demanded money. The bank teller, a particularly frightened woman, was frantically shoving bricks of hundred dollar american bills into a large duffel bag which the jogging man had just brought over. While these two men handled the money, two more guarded the door and periodically looked out the window and the last two went around and heckled the customers on the ground, demanding valuables such as wallets or jewellery. One of these men wandered over to Ramsey, as he had recognized him from his hit TV show “Hell’s Kitchen”. The man chuckled roughly and knelt down to get a better look at the famous TV chef. As he knelt, Ramsey noticed a cylindrical cannister attached to the man’s belt which he recognized as being a smoke bomb. The award winning chef suddenly kicked out, knocking the man down and, without hesitating, grabbed the bomb, pulled the pin and threw it to the ground. The sudden resistance panicked the robbers and began to flee. The two guarding the door burst out immediately, followed by the man Ramsey had not kicked down and the jogging man. The man who handled the money quickly zipped up the duffel bag and made for the door. Unable to see through the smoke, the man bolted in the general direction of the door but was swiftly struck down by an unknown force, causing him to drop both his gun and the bag. Shouts could be heard outside as the police closed in on the building. Panicking, the man reached for his gun on the floor, only to discover it had already been picked up by the famous TV chef, Gordon Ramsey. “You call that a robbery?!” Shouted Ramsey, his intimidating voice reverberating through the large room and stunning the man.

Celebrity Chef, Egomaniacal, Finds self in bank hold up.


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